Emergency First Response Course


This course teaches CPR (primary care) and First Aid (secondary care) as well as how to use an AED for diving and non-diving related emergencies. The skills you will learn are applicable in daily life as well as in scuba situations. This course is a prerequisite to the Rescue Diver class. And if it has been more than two years since you went through CPR training,  you should take it again as standards are always being revised. If you want to take this course,  you must come to New Horizons to sign up and to get your workbook and a DVD.


Cost: $75

No Prequisite to this course. 


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PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course


Be the one ready to help a fellow diver should the need arise by becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider! Breathe easy knowing that you know how to recognize illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen. Being the best buddy you can be means being prepared - especially in a time of need.


You will learn to:

  • Recognize diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen
  • Properly set up oxygen equipment
  • Administer emergency oxygen properly

Though suited for divers, this course has no prerequisites and doesn't include dives, which means it is equally applicable to those who are around divers - boat crew, non-diving buddies, lifeguards, and shore staff. You don't need any previous CPR or first aid training to take the course. However, having this training will also be valuable for any diver that wants to pursue the Rescue Diver course, or any previously trained Rescue Diver that wants to refresh their oxygen provider skills.


Price: $150, can be combined with EFR for a discounted price! 


Check out our Calendar for Upcoming Classes! 

To sign up for either of these classes, simply stop by New Horizons to complete some paperwork and get your textbook.