Need to refresh your skills? Haven't been diving in over 6 months? Going on a Scuba Vacation & the shop you will be diving with says you need a refresher or review? 


Sounds like you need a Scuba Review. 


This is a great way to make sure you are sharp on your skills and are ready to step off the back of the boat. Our one day Scuba Review is for divers who are certified at any level who want to refresh their skills and techniques before their trip. Why waste your first couple of vacation dives trying to iron out problems? Take this review with us and one of our Divemasters will lead you through a comprehensive knowledge refresher in the classroom,  then take you to the pool for a couple of hours of water work. When you have completed the review, you will receive a sticker for your certification card that shows you went through the program (see below). We can also certify that you completed the review in your log book.


What's included in our courses:

- Knowledge Development 

- Training with Experienced Instructors 

- Use of Weight Integrated BCD, Regulator, Tanks, Weights, and Wetsuits


Other Requirements:

- 10 years old or older

- A Certified Diver with a copy of your certification card

- Comfortable in the water with adequate swimming skills

- Personal Equipment that includes Mask, Fins, Snorkel, and Dive Boots. We have package pricing too good to advertise online. 

- In good physical health.  Take a look at our medical questionnaire. RSTC Medical Questionnaire; you can click here to review it.  If you can answer "yes" to any of the Medical Questionnaire questions, a Physician must sign off that it is safe for you to Scuba Dive.



Check out our calendar for the upcoming courses! 


Review courses start at $95


Private courses are available for an additional fee. 


Simply come in to New Horizons to complete the necessary paperwork, get your book, & sign up for your class!  


Want more information? Call us for to get more information. 859-277-1234