Has it been more than six months since you were diving? Are you going on a scuba vacation and the dive shop where you are going said you need a refresher or review course? This is a great way to make sure you are sharp on your skills and are ready to step off the back of the boat. Our one night Scuba Review is for divers who are certified at any level who want to refresh their skills and techniques before their trip. Why waste your first couple of vacation dives trying to iron out problems? Take this review with us and one of our Divemasters will lead you through a comprehensive knowledge refresher in the classroom,  then take you to the pool for a couple of hours of water work. When you have completed the evening, you will receive a sticker for your certification card that shows you went through the program (see below). We can also certify that you completed the review in your log book.

Cost: $75 per person

Limit: 6 people

Prerequisite: certified beginner diver from any scuba agency. You must come to New Horizons in advance to sign up and receive the Scuba Review booklet, which you must read before the day of the class.

Simply come in to New Horizons to complete the necessary paperwork to sign up!