Service Department

The New Horizons staff has professional training certifications from multiple manufacturers and can service and repair just about any brand of scuba equipment.

Most regulator manufacturers recommend a full service every two years; this means a complete tear-down, ultrasonic cleaning, rebuild with genuine new manufacturer parts kits and oxygen-compatible lubricants, and precision breathing tune. Every other (in-between) years, most manufacturers recommend an inspection and tune. Please refer to your regulator owner's manual, or check the manufacturer's website, or ask us if you are not sure what service schedule you should follow. 


NHD Club Members get First Priority on Services in the Tech Room!


Regulator Service Notes
Full Service 2 week avg. turn around
Inspection/ Test/ Tune 2 week avg. turn around
RUSH Full Service   
RUSH Inspection/ Test/ Tune  
O2 Cleaning




Tank Services

Air Fill  
32% Enriched Air Fill  
Custom Enriched Air Fill  
Annual Visual Inspection Does not include a fill
Hydrostatic Service ALL-INCLUSIVE: hydro test, visual inspection, burst disc, new o-rings, O2 lube, air-fill, & labor
Valve Rebuild Includes parts & labor
Burst Disc Replacement Includes parts & labor
General Tank Labor Cleaning, tumbling, etc.
O2 Cylinder Cleaning including valve



Equipment Rental

We carry a full line of rental equipment, but everything is "first come, first served", so be sure to arrive early to rent equipment on busy weekends. Please note, there are NO REFUNDS on equipment that is rented and not used. The prices below include disinfecting all equipment by NHD staff to CDC, WHO, and local guidelines. 


New Horizons Dive Club Members will receive 20% off rental prices. 



DAY RENTAL is a 24 hour period 

WEEKEND / 3 DAY (for example, Friday afternoon until Monday morning)

WEEK is seven consecutive days

LATE CHARGE is charged for each day late at the daily rate. 

DAMAGED OR LOST Equipment the customer is responsible for the full replacement cost of the lost or damaged equipment


Be sure to inspect and test everything when you pick it up.

CLEANING FEE = If the equipment has to be cleaned by NHD when returned there will be a $30 fee. To avoid the cleaning fee equipment must be returned in the condition it was picked up in. 


Item Day + Tax Weekend + Tax Week + Tax
Full Scuba Kit (BCD, regulator, Wetsuit, air cylinder & up to 20 lbs of weight) $125 $205 $320
Add Dive Computer to a Full Scuba Kit $30 $50 $80
Dive Computer $40 $60


Air Cylinder $20 $40 $60
Enriched Air Cylinder (includes 32% fill) $30 $50 $70
Wetsuit $30 $50 $75
Regulator Set $40 $60 $90
BCD $40 $60 $90


up to 12 lbs

13-20 lbs